Monday, August 3, 2009

The World of Disney

Well, well, Disney World has come and gone and I must say I've never experienced anything like it. Being in a wheelchair, theme parks have never really been the most friendly vacation spots. So, I did not really know what to expect from Disney, but I knew its reputation and everyone has already said that it was a great place for people in wheelchairs.

They were right! It seems as if you almost enter a different world when you walk under the rail road tracks and into the shadow of City Hall where all your favorite characters are waving and dancing to Zip A Dee Doo Da. The accessibility was excellent, but that was not the most amazing part for me. I was amazed at the spell Disney casts over all the mobs that enter daily. All of a sudden, the rest of the world seems to be a different place and Disney becomes its own country. Time does not seem to matter anymore; we were up till two at Magic Kingdom and I honestly did not feel any effects. With all of the stimuli surrounding you, it's impossible to feel anything but the energy pulsing.

Disney is not a thrill park, but everyone seems so excited to be there and even ride rides designed for people much younger than them. Personally, I was thrilled about "it's a small world"! There's something about just being there that puts you in the mood to think you're younger than you really are. Such simple rides are really not that simple to look at the animated figures and how much work it took to program every single one of the little hand movements or voices. The "Hall of Presidents" had an amazing amount of detail as all of our nation's leaders moved and looked at each other when they spoke. None of these rides were intense; I wouldn't have ridden them if they were, but they still had the effect of making me want to be there and get just as excited as everyone else.

This spell of excitement enchanted me and made me wanting to see what would happen next. The magnitude of the park is beyond any I had been to before, and there's no better amusement park to take a wheelchair to. I think that Disney World has captured the secret to success: they have created another world where people can escape from what they have outside and see the world of happiness and fairytale endings.

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