Sunday, July 19, 2009

The First Pitch

Hello, welcome to the Perpetual Blogging Company! My name is Zak and this is my entry into the world of blogging. Typically, I will be writing about any sports topic that seems to be important and interesting to me, but I do have other interests, so you never really know what I might write about. Today, we'll do a little bit of sports.

First off, any Phillies fans out there must be pretty happy lately. We had a great turnout at the All-Star game, and the Flyin' Hawaiian went from last man on the roster to starting centerfielder. On top of this, there were more Phillies active on the roster than any other team in the National League. Now, we've ripped off a winning streak and seem to be taking control of the National League East. Can I hear back to back? (Yes, this is a prediction)

On another note, Blake Griffin has been off to a hot start for the Clippers. Even though it's only summer ball, this double-double machine might be just the thing to get this struggling franchise off the ground floor and maybe to a place where they won't be the odds on favorite to win the top pick in the NBA draft. On the other hand, Griffin might just be another Lamar Odom or Elton Brand who abandoned the Clippers for greener pastures and more green in the bank account. Really though, all that matters right now is that Griffin has brought his A game from the pastures of Oklahoma to the glimmer and shine of Hollywood. Maybe the NBA has found a new generation of big men to follow once Tim Duncan has completed his illustrious career.

So, this is what I'm thinking about today, but who knows what I'll think about next? So, until next time, we'll see what will happen next.

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