Sunday, February 14, 2010


When you win the Super Bowl, you go to Disney World. When you win the NCAA championship, you get to meet the President. When you win a gold medal and you're from Vermont, what do you want? Hannah Kearney is just like any other Vermonter I guess; these she wants her own flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Citing the fact that Hannah Teter got her own flavor for winning the snowboarding half pipe in Torino four years ago, Kearney knows that she wants the same treatment. She told the Seattle Times earlier that he desired flavor would be "coffee ice cream with Oreos." Beyond sounding amazing, I love how Vermont chooses to honor its best athletes. The biggest dilemma for Ben & Jerry's will not be whether or not the ice cream will sell because it will definitely be a hit; the biggest dilemma will be what to name this amazing flavor. What do you name an ice cream that is relevant to a moguls skier that also incorporates Oreos and coffee ice cream? Anyway, I definitely think Ben & Jerry's would be smart to capitalize on this amazing feat simply because Ben & Jerry's sells itself on making quirky flavors based on people (think Cherry Garcia). Also, by enhancing their image as a premium Vermont brand, even naming ice cream after famous Vermonters will further throw this image into the minds of their grateful customers. Hopefully, Ben & Jerry's will extend an offer to Kearney not only because she is one of the most famous Vermonters in the world at this moment but because if as a company they can capitalize on this fame to increase their bottom line.

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