Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hookin' the Horns?

There used to be a day when teams would play those geographically close to them. That was the theory I assume behind the NCAA conference set up. For example, logically teams on the East Coast would play other teams on East Coast to reduce traveling expenses as well as time away from the classroom. Apparently, the Texas Longhorns feel like bucking the system according to a report on the Columbia Daily Tribune website. The rumor has it that the Big Ten has talked to Texas about making the Big 12 and Big Ten into perhaps a pair of Big 11s. Okay, maybe I stretched the names a bit, but this idea of two conferences of 11 teams would indeed become reality. I realize that perhaps some of my readers may not realize the significant difference geographically between these two conferences. The Big Ten is mainly a Midwest conference that stretches from Pennsylvania to Minnesota. The Big 12 is basically the center of the country stretching from Missouri to Colorado. The only state that overlaps in these regions is Iowa as the University of Iowa is a member of the Big Ten and Iowa State University is a member of the Big 12. This means that if Texas joined the Big Ten, the closest in-conference game they would play would be at the University of Iowa which would be roughly the equivalent of the farthest game they play in the Big 12 at Iowa State. This would mean much more time out of the classroom for the student-athletes and the added demand of much more attrition from the extended traveling. All in all, I cannot say that this move would make any sense at all for Texas especially but also many of the other schools in the Big Ten who would need to travel all the way to Austin. I hope this doesn't go through; having the competition nearby only enhances the competition!

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