Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coaching and Clarification

Part two: how on earth to find the right coaches to coach in this system? First though, let me clarify a main point. The six teams would not be the only six in Vermont. If I were in charge running an AAU club, this is how I would develop it to create what I believe would be a system that would hopefully help players develop into the best they're capable of becoming. There would definitely be other teams operating because there is no regional "boss" who can regulate who creates a team and who does not. Therefore, while I still do believe that there are too many teams that talent out too far, I also realize that just creating the system I am proposing would not change the whole scenario in Vermont. My goal would be to create a system where the best players to play together on a wider scale to hopefully stimulate the development of Vermont basketball. This might sound somewhat elitist simply because I was one the best players to play for my organization. However, how is this different than any other AAU team? No matter how much I have said that there are too many teams in Vermont, I would do nothing concerning these teams other than trying to concentrate the best players within this new system. Why then would I be confident that the best players would want to play in the system? Well, one major reason would be the coaches. They would need to be focused on development, not so much on the final record. While this may seem odd coming from me, stay with me. If you take the approach of winning first, you might overlook faults in players because if they are winning right now, you'd be doing your job. However, if the focus is on development, you would see continual ways to improve because, as we all know, there is no perfect basketball player or team. In fact, I believe that if the focus is on the development of the player the wins will follow because the team will continue to improve and always be searching for ways to improve. Self-evaluation is never a bad thing, so I believe that one of the most important jobs of the coach is to develop this attitude in his or her players so that they will not become overly satisfied once the wins start coming. Tomorrow, I had to evaluate the best talent to put on an AAU team.

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