Saturday, April 16, 2011

Final Preparation

Well, tonight was our final preparation before we head down to Durham next weekend to take on the PowerCats again. However, today was a little bit different because we had a new athlete show up, Kyle. It is so exciting to have new players show up. To put it in perspective for all of you, in July, our team had at most five athletes. Now, we were missing a few people tonight, and we still had nine players. It is so exciting to see this type of growth for our team. With more players, you have more talent which leads to more competition which leads to more fun for me. I love competition, and everyone on our team seems to be improving. In a similar manner, it forces me to improve as well. I am ambitious, and I most definitely want to improve to a higher level. I will leave that higher level undefined for right now, but what I will say is that I appreciate my teammates who come out to play every week and play much harder. I know that this team has potential, so let's continue to try to improve as a team and challenge each other every week.

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