Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Media Blitz

Again, I'm so sorry that I do not write more regularly. However, I finally have a few minutes of free time tonight as I'm sitting here watching Remember the Titans which is the best movie of all time. I have decided that since my power soccer team is playing on Saturday, I needed to watch some inspirational sports movies to get into the mood. Last night was Miracle which is probably my second favorite sports movie of all time, but it definitely is not as good as Remember the Titans. I will have to do my power soccer film session later in the week by watching some footage courtesy of My favorite game is still the 2008 Championship between the Circle City Rollers and RHI Sudden Impact. If you look at the ability level in that game, there were six future 2011 Team USA players (Michael Archer, Case Calvert, Matt Griffin (although he has since withdrawn from the team), JC Russo, Katie Dickey, and Jordan Dickey), and they went into overtime on top of all that talent. That will probably be my last minute inspiration to show me how to play the game before we take on the Northeast Passage PowerCats and the MHS Chariots.

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