Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bracket Time

Tonight, I hope that you are all tuned in at six to CBS to watch the NCAA Selection Show. For those of us in Vermont, we can breathe easy knowing that our boys have an automatic bid after taking down Boston University with a strong showing yesterday. However, there are many other teams who are not quite as comfortable on campus tonight. I assume that it would be easier knowing that you absolutely had no hope of getting in then it would be to sit in the locker room while most likely a camera from CBS would be watching you nervously stare at the TV anchored on your wall waiting for your name. You would hope that this camera will catch you and your team wildly celebrating while we can almost hear the student body roar with the excitement that can only be unleashed when miracles often. Odds are, we will see teams from Florida, Wake Forest, Illinois, or Mississippi State nervously gazing at the TV while undoubtedly at least one player will attempt to break the tension with some form of antics. However, even if there is a player who can make a joke in such a high stress environment, I would bet that he would not be appreciated. These highly competitive players have played all year to make The Big Dance; they do not want to be left out now. I better post this now so that it will be before a majority of the field is released!

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