Saturday, March 6, 2010

Matchup for the Ages

I'm sure you all have had this; that feeling of anticipation before an important event. Today is one of those days, the day that six of the best teams in Vermont descend upon Barre to try the claim division championships. Approximately 60 players will leave it all on the floor while trying to bring a crown back to the cheering hometown. Today's games have personal meaning for me as history might perhaps repeat itself again. The Proctor Phantoms will be going for their fifth straight championship and sixth out of the last seven. This team is riding a 97 game winning streak; some of these players have never lost a high school basketball game in their career. Some people will argue with my claim because two years ago, if some of you will remember, there was a terrible snowstorm and caused many games to be postponed. One such game was between Proctor and Twin Valley which they had much trouble rescheduling. In fact, they had so much trouble rescheduling the game that they played it as an exhibition after the deadline to submit games for playoffs. As you may have guessed, Proctor lost this game. Therefore, the story was run in several newspapers that Proctor had finally lost. However, I refuse to count this as a loss. My rationale is the simple fact that Proctor was ready to make yet another run at the championship. While I was not at the game, I assume that the Phantoms were not playing their starters the entire game simply because why would they risk injuring these players right before making a playoff run? Therefore, even though everybody may tell you that Proctor does not have a 97 game winning streak, don't believe them

Officially, they still have a 97 game streak although they will face a tough test today against the Williamstown Blue Devils who advanced to the finals in one of the greatest games I've ever seen. I highly recommend the highlight film on the Central Sports Network. With all of the momentum that follows a miraculous buzzer beater, Williamstown will be riding high in hopes of bringing home a championship to the OC. This is going to be what I hope is a matchup for the ages, and I hope I will see many of you there!

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