Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Tribute to the Big Day

How many times have a father and son win their first state championships on the same day for two different teams? Well, I honestly don't know, but take whatever number you came up with and add one to it because it happened today in the Barre Auditorium. Congratulations to both John and Brian Pellegrini on their state championships in divisions two and four!

John, the assistant coach for the Williamstown Blue Devils, saw his team take down Proctor and deny the Phantoms their fifth straight Division Four Championship. (Note: I said earlier today that Proctor had won 97 straight games. I heard some conflicting reports at the Aud today, but we all agree that the streak was over 90 games at least). Although Williamstown made me nervous throughout the game, they persevered and quickly changed the property rights from Proctor's self-proclaimed "Our House" to a new owner.

Brian's Raiders, on which he is one of three graduating seniors, seemed to have all they could handle through the first three quarters while trying to shake away the Missisquoi Thunderbirds. However, the fourth quarter gave them the opportunity to separate from the Thunderbirds and allowed all three seniors a huge win and a round of thunderous applause to end their careers on.

I'm sure that you all will hear all the stats from this game on the news or read them in the paper, so I won't bore you here. I just want to throw out my congratulations to these two teams and in particular these two guys who I have seen use their respective talents throughout the years and our hometown in the OC.

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