Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lady Cats Prowl

Before I start on anything else, I just want to say that no one listens to me. Of the two fantasy drafts I have been a part of this year, Joe Mauer has been picked second overall (ahead of Albert Pujols even) and eighth overall. Again, you know I love Joe, but there is no way I would take him over a guy like Albert.

Okay, thank you for letting me vent. Now, on to the real story as the UVM women are ready to take it to Notre Dame. Following their first-ever NCAA tournament win, they're looking to be more successful than the UVM men were when they knocked off Syracuse a few years ago for their first-ever NCAA tournament win before getting killed by Michigan State. I believe that UVM will be able to fight with the Irish simply because so far they're hitting their shots. As I said about the UVM men, if they hit their shots, they will be able to play with anyone. Upsets occur because the upper seed can't hit a shot and therefore are very vulnerable. It really does not matter how well you played the rest of the year; if that were the case, we would crown the Connecticut Huskies champions already and not bother wasting our time with a meaningless tournament. However, the joy of a single elimination tournament is that you only need to win once. This may seem a bit redundant, but any team can be unlucky on just one night. So, enjoy the night, cheer for the Catamounts, and hope that UVM will be able to secure Groovy UV its first Sweet 16 appearance!

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