Friday, March 12, 2010

Fiction Friday!

Welcome to Fiction Friday! I have decided to turn every Friday into a short story still related to sports, business, or both, but it will have a definitely different feel to it. So, let me know if you like this, hate this, or just don't like any of my writing in general. Here it is.

Sure, we've all been there. We've all had that moment that we felt would determine our entire future. This was one of those times for me. The off-white walls that surrounded me seemed to contain everything I had worked for up until this point. That cherry boardroom table surrounded by the five individuals who seemingly held my fate along with the fate of every other job applicant intimidated me. The intimidation came not from the fact of sheer size; I was intimidated by being on one side of the table while all my career goals were on the other side.

I stood awkwardly in my admittedly underused black tailored suit in front of a committee of five of the most powerful people in the business world. They really didn't care that I had been one of the fastest rising young executives at Creative Marketing Solutions. They really didn't care that I graduated with high honors from the Harvard Business School and was told by my professors that I was one of the most promising graduates they had seen in their whole tenure. These five people in their $2000 Armani suits wanted to know what I could bring to Jackson International, one of the biggest marketing firms in the world. With offices in all major cities, this potential position as assistant to the Director of Marketing in the San Francisco office had a very significant opportunity for advancement. Success in this office would almost certainly lead anywhere that I wanted. I could go from Hong Kong to Helsinki, from Rome to Rio.

But all of these thoughts did not mean much because thoughts are just that until they're acted upon. The future was about to be acted upon.

"Mr. Jones, we would like to thank you for flying across the country to attend this interview. I hope that this time will be worthwhile for all of us," began a middle-aged lady with short dark hair and square framed glasses. I settled in to the large leather chair on wheels and waited patiently for the barrage of questions that I knew were coming.


  1. Why wouldn't the narrator know the names of the committee of five? He seems to sharp to let that key detail slip him by during is interview prep.

  2. good point, I'll need to explore that one.