Friday, June 11, 2010

Colorado Flips to Pac-10

The Phillies got shut out again last night, but let's forget about that for now. Instead, let's focus on the conference changes in NCAA. Now that Colorado has moved into the Pac-10, I wonder how many other teams will follow suit and bail on the Big 12. It is funny though because I always thought that the Big 12 with a pretty happy conference. However, it appears as if teams want to go to where the money is at; I would assume that the Pac-10 makes quite a bit of money for each of its members. However, the biggest draw for Colorado very well could have been playing football in the same conference as USC because you surely don't leave the Big 12 if you're worried about finding a better basketball conference. That would be like being at the pool and wanting to swim but then leaving to try to find a better place; why not enjoy the best situation that you're in right now? Undoubtedly, the Big 12 is having problems right now, but who knows what will happen as the off-season goes on. Maybe the Big 12 will even find someone to replace Colorado and be able to maintain its reputation as one of the best conferences in the NCAA.
Photo by rdesai on Flickr

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