Sunday, June 13, 2010

New England Track Championships

Okay, since I'm not behind on anything, I think it is time to talk about track and field for one last time this season. Yesterday, we made a pilgrimage to New Britain, Connecticut not to visit the Iwo Jima Memorial, although we did see it on Route 9, but to watch my sister pole vault at the New England Championships. By my estimate, there were about 500 athletes there, but I obviously did not go and count every single one, so give me some margin for error. I always talk about how basketball players are bigger outside of Vermont, but I know that the now applies for other sports. Unfortunately, I only got to watch a few events, but it was still pretty crazy how far people were long jumping in particular because I saw some of the higher seeds actually compete in that event. Last weekend at the Division II state meet, the longest jump was 19'5". Yesterday, there were only five jumpers out of 31 who went less distance than this. It's kind of crazy. However, it was a lot of fun to see these awesome athletes compete at a huge stage where the best compete in New England. Next year, the meet will be held in Burlington, so that will be fun for all the people who had to drive a long distance today.
Photo by Selective Focus Photography on Flickr

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