Sunday, June 20, 2010


To continue from yesterday, I left the power soccer defense in a predicament with a three on two situation. Again, one of the defenders needs to step up and stall to give the player who got burned a chance to get back into the play. What should the other defender be doing? He or she should be aware of any potential forward passes that could be made. If the offensive player makes either a backward pass or a horizontal pass, it will take enough time to allow the player who got burned to find the opening on the floor and defend it. However, the forward pass will just leave that burned player farther behind and make a potential goal much easier. Again, as I said last time, power soccer is a constantly moving game. Therefore, the offense will continue to move forward unless you aggressively try to stop them. Power soccer is also a contact sport. Therefore, because any guard to guard contact is allowed, an oncoming defender can be very distracting to the offense and maybe even lead to a breakaway if there is a steal. All in all, I think that power soccer while primarily an offensive sport has the potential for lockdown defense at any time.

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