Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fantasy Update

I think that it is high time for an update on my fantasy baseball teams. For one, the Ducks are surviving relatively well right now as we are riding the arm of Ubaldo Jimenez to second place in our division. I pleasantly had an excess second baseman since I had both Ian Kinsler and Casey McGehee. Therefore, I dished Kinsler for Roy Oswalt hoping for that trade that will get him out of Houston into the Land of Run Support. We have also pleasantly had an excess of outfielders, but we are surviving pretty well and are hopefully ready to move up the ladder.

My next team TCWT is holding down third out of a league of 10. The problem there however is that I was loaded with shortstops but both Jimmy Rollins and Troy Tulowitzki are both sitting on the DL. Rollins will be back soon, but until then I'll have to suffer with lower production. Other than that, this team is doing very well recently with Mark Reynolds mashing home runs and a pleasant surprise from rookie Andrew McCutchen in the outfield.

Finally, the Perpetual Blogging Co. team in a Battle of the Blogs has been dominating as far as pitching goes. When you have a pitching staff highlighted by Ubaldo Jimenez again, Roy Oswalt again, Chris Carpenter, and Mariano Rivera coming out of the bullpen, you should do pretty well. However, I have had an interesting time filling some spots with Troy Tulowitzki and Mark DeRosa on the DL. However, Justin Upton and Colby Rasmus are holding on with my offense and hopefully everyone else will carry us on.

Photo by kevindooley on Flickr

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