Thursday, June 10, 2010

Championship Drought Ended

When I heard this morning that the Blackhawks have ended a 49 year drought between Stanley Cup victories, I had to think about that. The reason being that 49 years is a long time for an organization to wait between major victories. As a Phillies fan, I had to wait since 1980 which was before I was born until we captured the World Series two years ago in 2008. I thought 28 years was bad, but I can't imagine another 13 years. I would have been 38 which is far too old to enjoy your team's first World Series victory. However, some people like Red Sox and Cubs fans went their whole lives without seeing a World Series victory which would also be depressing. I guess that tells something about the dedication these fans have, but I am sure that these fans would gladly give up the perception of being dedicated for a championship, but at least we can praise them for something while they wait. Now, I am waiting for October or possibly early November to see another title brought to Philadelphia. Of course, we have to start scoring some runs first, but if we can straighten that out, it will happen.
Photo by Jim Epler on Flickr

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