Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Power Soccer Offense

So, a few days ago I was writing about power soccer defense as you might remember. Today, we will start looking into offense. A common saying at our practices goes something like this, "pass to the open space not to the player." This might seem a bit odd, but the rationale behind it makes sense. If you run a two on one fast-break, you need to make the pass where you want your teammate to be rather than where your teammate is right now. If you pass it where your teammate currently is, he or she will have to stop or maybe even turn around to go retrieve the pass. If you pass to the open space ahead of the offensive player, it's much easier to chase down a ball ahead of you in the open floor. Then, there are two concepts at work here. First, passing to an open space is obviously the beneficial move. Second, keeping the ball moving forward is what you are aiming for because as I have mentioned in previous posts, you want to keep the pressure away from your defense as much as possible given the fact that power soccer is an offensive game. So, in closing, remember to pass forward to open spaces to keep the offense rolling and the ball away from your defense.

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