Friday, April 23, 2010

Discuss This

See, today is Friday. That means that I will be writing fiction. This fiction is going to be slightly different as I am hoping to do it all in dialogue. Here it goes.
"Hey man, what's goin' on?"
"Nothin' too much really, just the usual."
"It seems like that's all that really ever goes on, the usual. Nothing really changes around here."
"I know how that is; I've been going to the same newsstand every morning for the past 10 years to buy the same paper from the same clerk. For a society obsessed with progress, it seems like we got left behind."
"Did we get left behind, or did we choose to stay behind? It seems like they're just as many people who oppose all of the technological development as those who embrace it."
"I personally chose to advance with society, but that is where the problem lies. Just because I chose advanced technology, I am all of a sudden incompatible with those who wouldn't catch up. I benefit so much from using my new computer programs when I am working with users who have the program, but it takes me twice as long to convert back to the old-fashioned ways."
"Was it really worth it then to upgrade?"
"It's like anything; if you only do something halfway, it's going to be worse off. It's better to run less efficient compatible programs than to run incompatible programs that will take much more time to convert anyway. It's all in consistency; old or new, compatibility is what's important."
Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis

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