Monday, April 19, 2010

See Ya!

I was watching Donovan McNabb at his first minicamp with the Washington Redskins on ESPN News. That got me thinking about how hard it must be for him to learn an entirely different system. There have only been probably three major changes in Donovan's football career. He transitioned from Mount Carmel High School to Syracuse and from Syracuse to Philadelphia. However, it seems like in football every team runs a much different system and therefore would require almost an entire re-learning of the way the way to play football, especially for a quarterback. Certain teams require a quarterback to be a pocket passer while others prefer them to scramble when the opportunity arises. For a quarterback who was used to one system, it would be very difficult to change the entire way you view the game. Nevertheless, according to ESPN, McNabb is adjusting very well to Washington, and why wouldn't he? He is obviously a very intelligent guy not to mention a Pro Bowl quarterback. He led the Eagles to the Super Bowl and to a few conference championship, but I hope that he won't do that now in Washington! I think that the Eagles are in an interesting position right now. With Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick in the pocket, this season could be interesting. However, for a guy who got booed when he was drafted because Eagles fans wanted Ricky Williams from Texas (according to Wikipedia), we will miss him in Philadelphia!
Photo by Kevin Burkett

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