Monday, April 26, 2010


It seems like during the summer when you have a picnic or some other outdoor festivities that the weather refuses to cooperate. You really want to get outside and have fun, but annoying weather holds you back. This is kind of how I feel about power soccer. I don't happen to have a gymnasium in my house unfortunately, and our driveway is situated at a pretty steep downhill angle. Therefore, I have to go practice while waiting for my sister to finish pole vaulting high school. At the time we pick her up, there are very few vehicles left in the large flat lot, so my mom and I get some practice time in. However, as I sit here this morning looking out the window, I'm a bit nervous about the prospect of playing tonight. I have played in the rain before, but I have to be a little bit more careful to make sure that I don't go sliding off on the slippery pavement. Practicing outside has other inherent issues such as much more friction between the ball and pavement than would be present on the nice wooden gym floor we normally practice on as a team. Therefore, I need to hit the ball harder to make it go the same distance as it would indoors. I don't know, I hope I can get outside and play tonight, but I will have to wait for the weather. Don't you hate it when things are beyond your control?
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