Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pursuit of Excellence

I was watching the girls' basketball All American game earlier today, and I was not so amazed to hear that three of those players are headed to the University of Connecticut. The team that already has the most probable number one picks in the WNBA draft also has a relatively large percentage of the best incoming freshmen in America. Connecticut will essentially have as much talent coming in as going out. It is amazing how one team can become so dominant for such a long period of time. However, how does a team go about establishing this image of dominance that is alluring enough to draw so much talent? I think that there are some main points as to why Connecticut has been able to do this.
• Excellent coaching
• Excellent reputation
• Excellent players currently
• Excellent fan support
• Excellent media coverage
• Excellent facilities
• Excellent academics
Do you notice a trend? If you want to be the best, you need to have a commitment to excellence. Excellence in and of itself does not ensure becoming the best, but in order to be the best, excellence is a prerequisite. With its commitment to excellence, the University of Connecticut has become dominant, and I think Baylor and whoever they might be playing in the finals will be up for a tall test.

Now, a few orders of business before I end tonight. First, for any of you have not figured out my April Fools' Day puzzle, look at the first letters of each word in the first two sentences in my April 1 article. What do they spell? Finally, happy Easter to all of you; remember why we have this life-changing holiday.

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