Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Misunderstanding

Another busy weekend down, another AAU tournament done, and another weekend closer to summer. This was a very interesting weekend as I learned how to ensure that the other team has no idea what play you are calling. Chilling out in Concord High School on Saturday night, I watched some 16-year-old guys teams walk onto the court. I had never seen one of the teams before, the St. Bruno Cougars, and I did not recognize any of their players from my variety of regular-season wanderings through the state. However, as we all know, AAU teams travel from all over to play, so I did not think much about the fact that I didn't know them. However, as soon as the game began, I realized I had no idea what these players were talking about. No, it wasn't a new strategy that I had never heard of; the players were all speaking French. I am not sure how well the other team knew French, but I honestly had no idea what these guys were talking about. Normally, I can break down codenames such as the relatively generic "five" meaning man-to-man defense or "fifty-five" meaning full court man-to-man. However, these guys could have been explaining the entire game plan, and I would not have known the better. I guess those are the hazards of being a Latin student in high school. So, my advice to any team that will play against the team I intend to have in the future, speak any language besides English or Latin, and I'll have no idea what you're talking about (although I do intend to become multilingual sometime in my future; the idea has always intrigued me).
Photo by Ian Muttoo

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