Saturday, April 17, 2010

History Is Made

I love the feeling of watching history in the making. The tension while watching the last out of a no-hitter like the one that Ubaldo Jimenez is throwing right now (although in the midst of writing this sentence, he finished off this amazing feat which was the first in Colorado history) make you love the game even more. It is pretty awesome to think that you saw the first of something ever is awesome. However, this got me thinking about anytime something historic happens. There can only be one first time for anything. Once the first time is over, every other subsequent time is simply a repetition. It's similar to the first day of school; you're so excited to go back and see all your friends that the first day is amazing. However, the excitement soon turns into the idea that you have to go back for over half the year and do the same thing every day. In the same manner, Ubaldo Jimenez threw the first no-hitter in Colorado history; nobody else will ever be able to do that ever again. People say that history repeats itself, but the first time will always hold a special place in Colorado history that can never be done again.
Photo by Simon Davison

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