Thursday, April 8, 2010

Study Pays Off

According to the old Saturday Night Live, all you need to know about economics is supply and demand because that is all you will remember five years down the road. I wish that was all I needed to know for my exam on Friday. However, economics is much more complex than that. Isn't it interesting how often times we think we know a lot about something, like economics, when we only know one small part of it, like supply and demand. I always thought economics is about money because when you hear about the economy, it relates to the supply of money. However, maybe you already know this, economics is the study of motivation. We didn't even get in the money for the first few weeks because at its most basic form, trading products for other products constitutes an economy. Money is only used to store value from some other product or service that has already been provided. Therefore, as you might have guessed, money is really worthless without the agreement backing it up to provide a service or product in the future.

Why do I bring this up? Besides economics, I have been realizing how much I do not know in regards to power soccer. I can hit the ball and control it relatively well myself, but using my teammates and being used by my teammates is what I need to develop farther. For some reason I have trouble getting a solid pass to the side; I lose my momentum too quickly. In a similar way to enrolling in an economics class to learn about economics, I have enrolled in the School of YouTube to watch Team USA as well as various clubs around the country to learn how they have become successful. Somehow, these players get amazing momentum on their spin shots that I am still trying to learn. But that is why I study; only when you know where you are heading can you begin to head there.
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