Saturday, March 12, 2011


As usual on Saturday, here are my ideas about what I want to work on at power soccer practice today. We are less than one month away from our home games on April 9!

·         I was very aggressive last week, and it worked very well quite honestly. While I did have collisions, very few of them were my fault which I was very excited about. I am going to bring it again today, so I hope it works well.

·         I need to develop my spin kicking as usual. I would like to be confident enough to use them in the midst of gameplay. However, I can totally picture of myself spinning and ramming into someone which would then totally be my fault and might even be a card if it was hard enough. I will try to avoid that, but I will try to develop.

·         I think that I need to pass better. I had one or two nice passes last week, but in an entire game, that is not very impressive at all. Unfortunately, I tend to try to beat everyone one-on-one, but that eventually will not work. I need to use my teammates better, and we will do better as a result.

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