Saturday, March 5, 2011

End of a Constant

All right, any of you that are my friends on Facebook will know that I just launched a new website called Basically, it provides user reviews of various power soccer equipment, personal stories, and a collection of links to help you find out about power soccer around the world. Therefore, now that I'm working on this, I will still be writing my blog, but it will not be every day. I don't want to commit to a time schedule, but I will say that I still want to write often. I just know that I will have some things working well on this website, but it will also take some of my time which I would normally spend writing. So, I hope you guys like the website!

In other news, practice went extremely well tonight. I thought we played very well although I am frustrated that I drove into some two-on-ones that I most definitely shouldn't have. Whatever, I think I played all right, and I know that my teammates played well! We are beginning to gel very well, so I was very happy about that, and I know that we will keep getting better. Also, I hope nothing but the best for everybody in Arizona at the Powerblast!

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