Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Settings

Well, I have power soccer tonight, so it seems appropriate that I should again tell you what I want to do better. I want to make the slight disclaimer that I altered my forward speed on my chair so hopefully I am legal, but I'm pretty sure that we are speed testing today, so that will be extraordinarily helpful to help me get these settings zeroed in on 6.2 miles an hour. The positive side is that I also turned up my turning speed, so maybe I will be better at spin kicking. It will be fun to find out. Now, the main thing I want to do today is be intelligent. I was watching Georgetown and Virginia Commonwealth men's basketball last night, and as most of you will probably know by now, Virginia Commonwealth pulled off the upset. Why did they pull off the upset? It was mainly because they barely turned the ball over and shot with very high efficiency. Therefore, my goal is to apply this model to practice. When my team is on offense, I do not want to turn the ball over and allow for any fast breaks. Then, I want to take good shots because every shot essentially that is not a goal is almost like a turnover. Therefore, I want the shots to count and be decent attempts on goal.

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