Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Right Field Debate

I saw the Phillies play again last night. Even though the final score wasn't good, it was so great to see them play again. One of the things about being one of the best teams in the MLB is that TV stations love to put them on. Also, featuring the best rotation in baseball doesn't hurt either for the heightened media perception. I think we definitely have potential, and the only battle that seems really up for grabs is the right field vacancy left by Jayson Werth. It looks like it will be filled by Ben Francisco, Dominic Brown, or John Mayberry Junior. My personal opinion is that Ben Francisco should get that job. The reason I believe that is because he has put up pretty consistent numbers off the bench, and it is much harder to come off the bench and produce well then to be in there every day. However, my opinion doesn't count much, so I would bet you that Dominic Brown gets the job. He is extraordinarily athletic and has a ton of potential. I think that he could bypass the other two someday on pure athletic talent, but for now I would say go with Ben Francisco.

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