Sunday, March 6, 2011

Intern for Hire

I said that I would write often, and I have time tonight, so here you go. Right now, I am looking for my summer internship. Do you want to know what my ideal summer internship would be? Well, I have a few. One would obviously be to be a full-time paid power soccer player. Seriously though, I would love to put in some work time to promote the sport. There are other people who travel around the country starting new teams, and I think that would be so much fun. There's nothing quite like seeing the excitement that new players have the first time they touch the ball. Another cool internship would be working for the Phillies. I watch them anyway, so why not do it in person and get paid to do it? Actually, I would also like to work in their accounting office because there's so much money to handle! Accountants get used to being the indispensable people behind the scenes, and I would like to help with that with the Phillies. How cool would that be? Do any of my readers have an awesome internship for me? If you want me to work for you, let me know!

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