Thursday, March 3, 2011

Almost Break

Why is it going to be so cold today? Can the weather just start warming up? Probably not. Well, I think that today will be a pretty good day. Not really. I have a midterm today and another one tomorrow, so I will be studying, taking a test, and then studying some more. Sounds like a fun life to me. Again, not really. However, there is the ever present hope of spring break in approximately one day in six hours. Although I don't have a ton planned over vacation, the point is that it will be a break from school. Unfortunately, it is only one week, but one week is better than nothing by far. I like the fact that I will not have a lot of homework except for edited a few papers and doing some statistics homework. On average though, I'll have less homework per day which is always good. What am I going to do with all of my free time? Probably enough so that it won't be free time anymore. I always tend to do that. I have free time, but then I fill it up just as quickly. So, wish me luck on my test today! Luckily it is all multiple choice.
Photo by konradfoerstner on Flickr

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