Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Excitement Coming

It is very exciting to think about the future of our power soccer team. While we don't know entirely with that future will look like, I know it will be exciting. The reason it will be so exciting is because we have a lot of great people. That isn't just me; I know that that sentiment is felt by many of my teammates, and that is obviously a great thing. We are willing to work together and seem to do so relatively effectively. It is good when people are able to get things done while still keeping everybody else informed about what is happening so there is no wasted time in doing the same thing. We seem to do that very well also with a relatively accessible line of communication that we are relatively diligent with. It is going to happen, and it is an exciting sport.

I want to let you know that there might be some changes coming up in my blog. I am not sure when they will happen or exactly how, but I may not be writing as often. I will give you more details in a few days when I know more myself. I have a new idea that is pretty exciting though!

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