Monday, February 28, 2011

Mandatory Power Soccer

I think that power soccer should be made mandatory for everyone who is able to play. Okay, maybe mandatory is the wrong way to do it because then you would have a bunch of people who really didn't want to play, and that would make the atmosphere much more miserable. However, it would be cool if it became more widespread. I think that more people would like to play if they actually knew what it was. I hadn't heard of it until I started playing, so I bet the same would apply to other people. Imagine how fun it would be though if power soccer did become mandatory. It would cause all school physical education departments to buy equipment, and everyone would have to learn how to play. At larger high schools, they could have their own team on the varsity level and compete with other large high schools. In smaller places like Vermont, there could be regional teams with 3, 4, or 5 high schools banding together to play. Imagine that this happened everywhere. We would have thousands of teams. Maybe it will never become mandatory, but let's shoot for those thousands of teams and see what we can really do.

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