Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Simply because power soccer is played on the basketball court, I am beginning to see many similarities to the game of basketball. Something that I recognized from our first match was the importance of the back cut. On the first few corner kicks, we were allowed the inbound virtually uncontested. However, as shown in the diagram above, eventually we were covered relatively heavily. This coverage is obviously a problem because there's no direct path to any offensive player. Once the back cut is employed, player number two will be wide open in that gap who then has options to either take a shot or hit player three who would be on the weak side hopefully wide open because the goalie should be on the side of the corner kick.

We did not design a play that involved back cutting. However, we adapted when the need arose because we had to. It's pointless to try to run a play that's going to hit the ball right to the other team, so Scott would pass to the open spot and Linda or I would get there often through the means of the back cut. While it didn't necessarily occur to me at the time, I now realize that even though we were just trying to get the ball in the open space, we were doing it via back cuts. There are so many more advantages to back cutting that I could tell you through the lens of many of the coaches whose books make up a large part of my personal collection, but I will leave it at this.

The above photo was made using Basketball Playbook Version 10. I previously have reviewed it on my blog, and it is free at http://www.jes-soft.com/playbook/. Read my review for what to do when the free trial runs out!

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