Sunday, May 2, 2010


I am just returned home from another triumphant day of power soccer. Today was Strategy Day in the Miller Recreation Center as we prepared for our game in two weeks. It is an entirely different concept to play with the team as opposed to playing individually. For one, there is the anticipation of teammates' motions and shots. I think that what I need to remember is that there needs to be 10 feet between teammates. I have a tendency to charge in at the ball to shoot it at the goal. However, in doing so I often come within the 10 foot limit of my teammates. I am going to remember this rule hopefully. Also, I'm not sure why this is, but rear-wheel drive chairs hit the ball so much harder than my mid-wheel. I spin just as quickly, but for some reason I cannot hit the ball with the same force. Any ultra-intelligent physicists out there, please let me know if you know why this is (is it something to do with angular momentum?) Anyway, whatever the reason, I now realize that I need to rely on stealth as opposed to power to score. Well, I'll add these to my check list of ways to improve as I prepare for our match.

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