Monday, May 10, 2010

Strategic Gaming

Let's talk about power soccer strategy again. It seems as if an effective way to get around the defender is to use the defender him or herself to bounce the ball off of. It seems like if the ball bounces off of the back tire in such a way that most players cannot turn on it. I know that that is my weakest area. Therefore, I think that is what I have to do use a similar strategy to the one that confuses me on my opponents. Also, I think that by playing off the back tire forces the defender to either stop or go in reverse which I would assume would be weaker than going forward. Also, if they're going backwards, they will need to pay more attention to where they are driving since it is a more difficult skill. Now, you will have turned driving forward versus an opponent who will either be driving backward which would be his or her weaker direction, or he or she will have to turn and therefore you will be long gone. With one defender down, you will have a three on two fast-break out of which there are millions of possibilities to finish off the goal.

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