Monday, May 3, 2010

Pitching Matters, Hitting Matters

My fantasy baseball team was flying. We were beyond hot, but now after one bad week we are back in second. Isn't that the way life is? You might be flying along doing great, but then something comes and trips you up. For my team, it was pitching that halted us. I got -9 points overall from Ben Sheets and only 7.5 from Wandy Rodriguez. When you get negative points from half of your pitching staff, it is awfully hard to win. It seems as if pitching is what can win or lose the week. At least in my league, a good game from a pitcher can offset an entire week by one hitter who happens to be amazingly hot. When Ubaldo Jiménez threw that no-hitter, I got over 40 points. I don't think I've gotten that many points from any hitter in one week even though I have potential stars Prince Fielder and Evan Longoria. Think about the way that pitchers only pitch once or twice per week. Their points need to be adjusted to make up for the lack of playing time. However, I feel like pitchers account for much more than half of my fantasy team's success. In a real baseball game, I feel like pitchers account for half of the game since they cannot win without help from the offense. They could pitch a no-hitter but due to lack of offense from their team and some key errors could lose the game. Without offensive and defensive support, the pitcher has no chance of winning. That being said, without a solid performance from the pitcher the team has no chance of winning. Therefore, I think that we need to balance the role of pitcher and hitter in order to have an accurate representation of a real game of baseball.

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