Saturday, May 29, 2010

French Fun

As I was watching the French Open coverage yesterday, it struck me about how good these players are. When you watch Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal totally dominate a match, it doesn't mean that their opponent is bad. In fact, it is quite the contrary. Their opponents are really good compared to what you and I might see where we go down to the Barre City tennis courts on a nice warm summer night. It just shows how amazing guys like Federer are and how much talent you really need to become a tennis pro. This doesn't only apply to tennis though. Whenever somebody is good enough to be at the elite level, even if he or she is the worst player on that circuit, he or she is still a very talented player.

Another thing I noticed about the French Open was the fact that life on clay can be a bit of an adventure. I love how there is no bounce to the court. It makes the drop shot insanely effective, but it also slows down the play. That's good because we have DirecTV, so we about have five channels of extra tennis coverage beyond ESPN2. The problem with these channels is that ESPN2 obviously has the best announcers. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the matches but don't expect the most exhilarating coverage you have ever heard.
Photo by StuSeeger on Flickr

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