Monday, May 24, 2010

Enthusiastic Trip to the Airport

As I sat in the airport last night, I noticed a large group of people roughly my age obviously waiting for the same flight I was (there aren't many flights into Burlington after 10). While my sister and I just sat waiting to see the plane touch down quietly talking about basketball, I was really hoping I could understand what on earth they were talking about. There are about 15 people in that group, so I sort of assumed that they were waiting to meet another group, maybe a school trip or something else like that. Eventually, the plane flew in, though it was about 10 minutes late. My sister, myself, and the other group all migrated down towards the gate area. My passenger came before theirs, so as I talked to my cousin Justin, I must admit that I was a bit distracted wondering what would happen when whoever this group was waiting for came off the plane. I didn't have to wait too long because they started chanting his name and clapping. Somewhere, I bet we all want a big group of people to cheer for us when we come home. However, the whole time they were chanting, nobody was coming, so it was kind of odd. Finally, their one passenger came, they all mobbed him in a large jubilant pile. So, I'm just saying, if I ever fly home on an airplane, I want 15 people there chanting to pick me up (just kidding).
Photo by Bakar_88 on Flickr

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