Sunday, May 23, 2010

Legendary Stuff

Is possible that anybody can slow down the Phillies' offense? Well, it happened last night. One of the best offenses in all of baseball with one hit by a pitcher who has been up and down ever since his phenomenal entry into Major League Baseball from Japan. Daisuke Matsuzaka was thought to be the greatest thing to come out of Japan since Ichiro Suzuki, and he proved it making an initial splash into his new home. However, last year he fell victim to injury and was only average when he played last year. This year has also been average, but he fell just short of the no-hitter because of a bloop single into shallow left field.

For those of you who might not remember him because you don't live in New England or you don't really care about baseball, you might remember Daisuke because of the famed or perhaps legendary Gyro ball. The fabled pitch can be seen here on a YouTube video, but many people have wondered what on earth this offering could be. These videos on YouTube that show this seemingly impossible pitch have garnered millions of hits. I guess that even he has denied the fact that he throws this pitch, the legend will live on, and everyone will want to see it one more time.
Photo by Triple Tri on Flickr

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