Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pole Vaulting!

I think that today would be an appropriate day to discuss track since it is somewhat on my mind right now. I had been to three or four meets before this year, but I have been to so many more now that they are very enjoyable. There's something cool about going out to a field at night and knowing that you will be there for about four hours before everything is said and done. That being said though, when you have final exams the next day it's not quite as much fun, but now I can enjoy summer vacation as well as nights without homework.

Fortunately, through this season I have developed a love of the pole vault. It may just be because my sister pole vaults and so I have watched it a lot recently. However, there is something exciting about watching people jump up on poles and catapult themselves over a bar that is usually over 10 feet for boys and 7 for girls. Yesterday, at the New England Championship Qualifying Meet, two guys broke records by going 13'7" while a girl’s record was broken at 10 feet.

Sadly, I will only see one or two more pole vault competitions this year, but it was fun while it lasted!

Photo by znarled on Flickr

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