Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Weekend

I have not written my celebratory posts that deserve celebration over the past two days. For one, I finished my freshman year of college on Friday with a Calculus Two final along with one of the last Mint Cookie milkshakes with a Shot of Joe that Ben & Jerry's served for the year! On another note of celebration that most of you probably saw on Facebook, the Vermont Chargers are undefeated as we took our game to Durham, New Hampshire to face the New Hampshire Power Cats. After this 7-1 victory, I had an ice cream soda made with literal cream soda. So, as you can tell, I have had a pretty sweet weekend (no pun intended). I would write more details about the power soccer here like I promised yesterday, but I actually have a somewhat legitimate reason for not doing that today. A few weeks ago, I had e-mailed Jenny Mitchell who is the chair of the IT committee for the United States Power Soccer Association about potentially putting a link to my blog on the website because I do occasionally write about power soccer. Because I write about it occasionally, she did not feel it was appropriate to put on the links page which I totally understood. However, in the same e-mail she asked me to write up something about how our inaugural game went to put on So, I have written and e-mailed it to her, but I want it to be published on their website first. Hopefully, instead of my traditional post tomorrow, I will let you know that this link is here, so you can read about the game in greater detail.

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