Sunday, July 18, 2010

8 Rules to Playing Power Soccer

Since we are one week away from our power soccer clinic at the University of Vermont, I thought I'd take this opportunity to go over some rules that I didn't really know existed. Just for your information, the rulebook that I am referring to is available on the United States Power Soccer Association website.
• We always talk about how power soccer is for all ages. However, on page 6, it says that you must be five years old to play. I guess I could not have played when I got my first wheelchair.
• Also on page 6, you are only allowed to have four substitutes unless there is an agreement made before the match. Again, we don't have this problem.
• On page 11, the rules say that a game can be called because of the weather. However, it is an indoor sport, so I don't really know what this is referring to.
• On page 12, half time may not be more than 10 minutes.
• The team must be 5 m away on the kickoff, but the two on one rule still applies to the team kicking off. (Page 13)
• On page 16, the two on one rule does not apply when one of the players is the goalie. However, if the goalie goes outside of the area, then he cannot double-team anymore.
• Apparently, on page 19, of all the bad things that you can do, spitting deserved its own reference for a red card.
• If there is a goal kick, any player on the offense can take it, not just the goalie. Also, the defense must be 5 m away, and the offense must respect the two on one rule. The ball is not in play until it leaves the goal area. (Page 25)
I hope you learn something from all of this, and then please either come out to play or support us at the University of Vermont, Patrick Gym, next Sunday from 1 to 4:30!

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