Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wade's Slip-Up

Dwayne Wade has recently taken some heat for comments he made concerning the upcoming season. He talked about how the media will blow out the losses out of proportion and give it as much attention as the World Trade Center which was obviously a much more tragic and important situation. Rather than focus on the poor word choice that many people found offensive, I want to focus on what Wade intended. If the Heat lose a few games, the media will blow the whole situation out of proportion. That is the job of the media; to make stories out of nothing that the public will buy. However, the expectations on this team are so high that they have to expect this. If they lose a few games, which they are going to do, people will wonder what is wrong with them. Personally, I do not think the superteam will necessarily be the best team in the NBA. My reasoning is that Wade, Bosh, and James have all been the go to guy for the team. That was perfectly fine when they played separately, but now they need to learn how to adapt and not always being the guy who takes the final shot or makes the important stop. I'm not sure if they know how to do the small things to make each other better. I am sure they will learn because they are intelligent athletes, but I do wonder about the beginning of the season. For all of you who think that the Heat are buying a championship, let's see where the flag hangs at the end of the year.
Photo by compujeramey on Flickr

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