Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baseball Trade Rumors Revealed!

Since the trade deadline is rapidly approaching, I wonder if there will be any major moves. Certainly, Cliff Lee being traded for the second year in a row at the deadline is significant as well as Dan Haren moving to the Angels. I have heard about a few other rumors as well. There has been talk about Prince Fielder, but I do not think that he would move midseason if ever. He is a franchise player, so I would be surprised anyway if he moved. Adam Dunn has also been rumored to leave the Nationals, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Nationals indeed trade him away to build a younger core that will complement Stephen Strasburg in the future. Another rumor that I am particularly excited about is Roy Oswalt leaving the Astros. Why am I excited? Because according to what I read on, several media sources say that Oswalt is headed to the Phillies. Of course, making this trade would mean parting ways with most likely JA Happ, but I think that Oswalt could be a major part of our rotation for the rest of the season and has options in his contract so we can keep him for longer if we want to. All in all, I don't think that this year will get much busier on the trade deadline, but I have been known to be wrong, so we will see.
Photo by Aidan Jones on Flickr

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