Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All-Star Celebration Continued

First of all, congratulations to David Ortiz on winning the Home Run Derby. Despite a somewhat disappointing year, this was a good night for David and will hopefully signify a large turnaround. Tonight, we have the All-Star game with Ubaldo Jimenez and David Price squaring off as the chosen starters. I must say that I think that Charlie Manuel and Joe Girardi made the right choices on this. Both of these guys are young and exciting, and I believe that showcasing up-and-coming stars is a big part of the festivities. I also think that the National League will win tonight. I feel like they have very good pitching as well as a solid lineup led by Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard in the middle that will drive in several runs and give the Phillies the home-field advantage in the World Series. Yes, I just made that prediction. I feel like after sweeping the Reds the Phillies will turn a corner and finally start playing like we all know they are capable of. If Joe Blanton can turn around, JA Happ can return from injury, Chase Utley can eventually come back, and Placido Polanco returns as well as wall as he was going before injury, we will be ready to go.
Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

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