Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Halladays!

Well, how about the Phillies? We are looking a lot better now with seven consecutive wins. However, that will not be my main point tonight; I just wanted to emphasize that fact to all of you who might not be paying attention. Rather, how about we focus on Roy Halladay? He was excellent tonight and going the distance and only allowing one run that really shouldn't have been. However, that was his eighth complete game of the season. He leads the Major Leagues in that category, and that fact alone is very impressive. He has had a few rough starts, but he has mostly gone deep into games for the Phillies and given the bullpen a much-needed break. Halladay is still relatively young, but I have to wonder about his arm. He consistently throws over 100 pitches per outing. This has to drain his arm, but he also is in incredible shape. He is a big man, but his delivery seems to be relatively low stress which will help prevent injury in the future. He seems like he will not be wearing down anytime soon, so Phillies fans have that to look forward to for a while more.
Photo by Keith Allison on Flickr

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