Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where's the Ball?

I would write to you today, and I will. However, first I want to direct your attention to a video of our power soccer team that was on WCAX last night.

Okay, now that I know you have watched that. I miss baseball tonight. I am totally enjoying watching the Karate Kid, but I must say that it feels weird not to be watching baseball. Think about it, they play 162 games over a six-month period. Upon looking at the Phillies schedule for this year, I counted a total of 18 days off over the whole season including the All-Star Break as three days off even though it wasn't for Charlie Manuel, Ryan Howard, and Roy Halladay. That means that I essentially only have 18 days off of watching the Phillies over the whole summer. I will admit that I do miss a few days when we are on vacation (hotels need to get MLB Extra Innings), but by and large I watch almost every Phillies game. So, when you think about all the time that you’re bored over the summer, remember that you could spend every night watching baseball and then be lost when there is no more baseball.
Photo by theseanster93 on Flickr

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