Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chris Paul Pulls a LeBron

I know that I complained earlier about LeBron James jumping on board with the Heat just to make a super team. Now, add Chris Paul to the list of people I will complain about. It is a similar argument to what I made before. I think that Paul is making a big mistake by leaving the team that he has been the star of just to go to a team where he might win a championship. I say might because All-Star teams generally fail because to quote from the movie Miracle "they rely solely on the individual's talent." The important part is making a team that is able to win, and the best players are not always the right ones. Again, I think that all the money in the world cannot necessarily buy a great team. Some teams can, but we have all seen plenty of teams that flopped despite high expectations. I think that Chris Paul is setting himself up for failure. I think that he should stay there and build a champion. The great individual talents are not the great ones. The great ones are the winners. Chris Paul should try to help lead to a winner rather than just try to leave New Orleans.
Photo by magnusfranklin on Flickr

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