Monday, July 26, 2010

New Look at Power Soccer Defense

It was interesting yesterday to learn more about power soccer defense. I never really understood the teamwork involved in playing defense and the communication that is required. For example, the one thing I heard more than anything yesterday is "face forward." If I am moving in the same direction as the offensive player, there's no way I'm going to stop the ball because I'm keeping the momentum forward. Therefore, I should challenge at the offensive player from the side until one of my teammates can come to challenge him from the front. As I see him coming, I need to back off to avoid a two on one and then rotate behind the defense to be his backup if the offensive player gets by him. This really relies on communication. If I do not let my teammate know that I am coming to challenge from the front, we are going to get a two on one every time which can be very costly if the other team can execute off of the free kick. Also inherent in this strategy is the need for some contact with the ball. Whoever is charging to defend from the front needs to stop the ball or else there will be two defenders out of position. I think I understand slightly better how we need to rework our defense. Hopefully, we can improve and actually have a solid system to run through.

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